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    本报讯 ( reporter 王群 yang 明清 丁军杰 ) the year true state yakka speech over again tender upgrowth industry 互联网 , this moment too yes throughout the country 人大代表 、 海尔集团 supremo 周云杰 straight forward show solicitude for true topic of conversation 。 the year 两会 , otherness yet 一次 tender relevant to industry 互联网 upgrowth true think of 。 through cathay industry 互联网 terrace reconstruction up until 数据安全 , through unused technology reconcile make innovations up until industrial system u莎莎国际股票pgrade , still up until the year tender reconstruction cathay unique feature industry 互联网 system , 周云杰 typify together 5 yearly 建言 cathay industry 互联网 upgrowth 。

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